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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | .
The Guidelines for Providing Benefits for Low-Income Elderly to Obtain Accident Insurance
Singsathit Kriengrojkul, Eakolarn Chotianusorn, Watchara petclai, Duangkamon Chantararatmanee
Pages: 348-351
The research aims to study the guidelines for accident insurance welfare needs among low-income elderly people. This study uses qualitative research methods. The samples were elderly aged 60 to 69 who were low incomes and received allowances from the Samphan Wong District Office. Bangkok 10 executives or representatives at the level of government agencies. 5 persons, including 15 people, use a specific sample selection method. The results showed that the elderly when they entered old age. Physically, due to the deterioration of tissues and organs in all systems, mental and social systems, there is a defect in perception and understanding in conjunction with social and environmental changes. Guidelines for accident insurance benefits are essential. Government agencies and the private sector should work together to lay out group accident insurance for low-income elderly people. For social welfare and as a reduction in social inequality. Create equality in medical care and improve quality of life for low-income elderly.
Requirement Guidelines / Low-income elderly people