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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 13 2021 | None
The Outdoor Advertising & Its Visual Aesthetics: A Study On Its Function And Structure
Dr. Preeti Deka
Pages: 3105-3117
Outdoor advertising reaches hundreds to thousands of mass transit, or car on daily basis and is usually very quick and impactful advertising medium. Various media are used to advertise the products or services including newspaper, television, direct marketing, radio and the variety of other media; but apart from these media outdoor advertising media is used to inform and persuade the audiences when they are out of their homes. This outdoor media is used to deliver relevant information/ messages to the mass/ targeted audience with ease and efficiency and it is very impactful. Outdoor advertising or Out Of home (OOH) advertising always tries to meet the audiences or customers in public places who are basically pedestrians, commuters, passengers, travelers or drivers . Earlier, outdoor advertising was known as Billboard advertising as it was the only traditional format of outdoor advertising communication at that time. But later on, with the invention of new technologies and creativities, the advertising world has witnessed various changes in the economic world which leads to significant growth in the outdoor advertising system. Now, not only Billboards, Hoardings or Posters are available in the OOH (Out of Home) world, Digital out of home (DOOH) has upgraded the advertising world very fast and now the advertisers have various options to reach its targeted audiences at different locations.
Advertising, Advertising agency, Guwahati, Guwahati Municipal Corporation, Outdoor advertising.