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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | .
The Productivity and Ecology in Agriculture
M A Tukhtabayev, H M Soliev, Z X Turgunov
Pages: 526-530
The article provides recommendations that save land resources, increase and prevent the decline in soil fertility, when growing crops using mobile tech-nical means. An increase in the productivity of agricultural units is inextricably linked with an increase in the mass of the tractor and aggregated agricultural machines, and, consequently, their negative technogenic impact on the soil in-creases. The purpose of the research is to solve problem of aggregation of sowing and cotton cultivators with four-wheeled tractors and increase their operational- technological performance. According to it, conditions for aggregation of processing units with a tractor are given. The results of scientific and practical research and testing to determine and evaluate performance of machine-tractor units (MTU) consisting of inter row spacing sowing and cultivators with four-wheel tractors were obtained and analyzed.