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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 16 2024 | None
The contribution of integrated relaxation for stress management among delinquent adolescent -Suggestion diagnosis and therapeutic protocol-
Dr. Bourouba Amel, Dr Yousfi Hassina
Pages: 91-100
This study aims to explore the contribution of an integrated therapeutic protocol based on integrated relaxation strategies in teaching and equipping delinquent adolescents with knowledge, skills and experience related to managing psychological stress responses. The protocol includes a series of exercises inspired by levels of muscular, respiratory and mental relaxation, using key mechanisms such as body awareness through muscle group activities, followed by mental focus on differentiating between muscle tension and relaxation to enhance imaginative activity. The study adopts a combined clinical and quasi-experimental approach, with each case being studied individually, using pre- and post-measurements and follow-up measurements spread over three different periods. The sample consists of fifteen (15) juvenile delinquents. The research instruments include semi-structured interviews, two scales developed by the researchers to assess the level of psychological stress among delinquent adolescents, and a questionnaire on the delinquent adolescent's response to stress (the diagnostic protocol). The therapeutic protocol, based on integrated relaxation techniques, is then implemented. The main finding of the study is the contribution of integrated relaxation to the management of physiological, emotional, cognitive and behavioural stress responses in delinquent adolescents.
Psychological stress, stress responses, stress management, juvenile delinquents, integrated relaxation.