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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 16 2024 | None
The effect of nutritional health perceptions on the academic achievement for studente of secondary school A field study on a sample of high school student in Algerian schools
Dr. Narimen Maamir, Dr. Fadhila Saadat, Dr. Houria Chergui, Dr. Khaoula Ziani, Dr. Riad Zerrougui
Pages: 171-178
Proper and balanced nutrition for students is considered a health and educational priority, due to its impact on physical and mental growth and its impact on health. Therefore, the current study aims to reveal the impact of nutritional health perceptions on the academic achievement of secondary school students. To determine that impact, the Nutritional Health Perceptions Scale by (Ahmed Samir) was applied. Saad Zaghloul, 2022) on a sample estimated at (542) male and female students, who were selected using a stratified method. Based on the descriptive approach, collecting data, tabulating it, and processing it based on the statistical package program SPSS23, the results showed that: There are no statistically significant differences in the level of nutritional health perceptions among secondary school students due to the variables of both academic achievement and academic level (first year of secondary school, second year). Secondary, third year of secondary school, section (scientific, literary).
Nutrition; Perceptions, health, study.