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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | .
The impact of crisis management strategies on entrepreneurial decision-taking
Aya Fawzy Abd Alhussein, Prof.Dr.Fadhielasalman Dawood
Pages: 352-361
The current research aims to identify the impact of crisis management strategies on entrepreneurial decision-taking, as the research community is represented by two companies (Oil Company "Al-Dwora Refinery" and Oil Company "Baiji refinery") being one of the organizations affiliated with the Iraqi Ministry of Oil and pioneers in the field of petroleum products. Taking into consideration their continuity in work since their establishment, despite their contemporaneity with various types of crises, and for being the solid foundation for the country's economy. The intentional (intentional) sample, which is represented by the administrative leaders (general manager, assistant general manager, department head, people/units officials) was deliberately chosen in order to reach the desired goal, and the sample size was calculated according to the “ De Morgan” rule. The middle oil "Al-Dworarefinery" is (40) persons, while the North Oil Company "Baiji refinery" is (39) persons, thus the total sample is (79) persons for the two companies investigated. The questionnaire was used in addition to the personal interviews as a measurement tool for the research. As for the most important results that the researcher reached, there was an impact of crisis management strategies and their dimensions in the processes of entrepreneurialdecision-taking for the total sample and an explanation of the above that any strategy adopted within the two research sample companies leads to providing the requirements of the entrepreneurial decision or contributes to creating opportunities and achieving strategic flexibility.
crisis management strategies, entrepreneurial decision-taking, the Middel Oil Company "Al-Dwora Refinery", the North Oil Company "Baiji refinery"