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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 15 2023 | None
The impact of teacher support and feedback on students’ reading literacy: the mediating and suppression effect of meta-cognitive strategies
Luo Shiyan,Zhang Huirong,Sun Xiaojian,XiaYuanyuan
Pages: 197-208
Teacher support and feedback are important factors that affect students' meta-cognitive strategies and reading literacy, but at present, the relationships among perceived teacher’s support and feedback, meta-cognition, and reading literacy are unclear up to the present. The current study using structural equation modeling to investigate the relationships among these variables by using the Chinese students’ data which come from the program for international student assessment in 2018. Results show that: 1.The perceived teacher’s support has significant positive effect on both the reading meta-cognitive strategies (including understanding and remembering strategy and summarizing strategy) and reading literacy. 2. The perceived teacher’s feedback has significant negative effect on reading literacy and has significant positive effect on understanding and remembering strategy, while the effect of feedback on summarizing strategy is non-significant. 3. The reading meta-cognition played both the mediation and suppression effect in the relationship between teacher’s support and feedback and reading literacy.
Reading literacy; teacher support and feedback; reading meta-cognitive strategies; mediating effect; suppression effect