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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | .
The need for low-income elderly people to get accident insurance
Singsathit Kriengrojkul, Panyaratana Panthong, Uttavit Vittayakul, Pornkul Suksod, Dararat Vichitsopapan
Pages: 362-368
Elderly had an accident by slipping and falling as number one. When elderly have accidents, must be admitted to a public hospital. Which the service has to wait for a long time and getting private hospital are expensive. The elderly with low income does not have the fast access to medical care. The objective of this study was 1) to study the personal factors affecting the requirements for accident insurance for lowincome elderly people in Samphan Wong, Bangkok 2) to study the requirements for accident insurance for low-income elderly people in Samphan Wong, Bangkok This research employed quantitative methods. Determine the sample size from the Crazy and Morgan formula. For the quantitative research part, the research sample consisted of 346 but returned questionnaires for 300 people. The data obtained were analyzed for Descriptive Statistics to find Frequency, Percentage, Mean and Standard Deviation.
Requirements for accident insurance / Low-income elderly people