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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 16 2024 | None
Tools in Child Rights Research - Indian Perspective
Dr. N.Sivakami, Dr,R.Preeti gotmare
Pages: 60-63
Child rights Research in Indian Perspective is gaining more attention in the recent times. The Concept of Child Rights Research is applied more as an approach of methodology to ensure the basic human rights of children. In this paper an attempt is made to summarize the tools in Child rights Research with an objective of understanding the research gaps. In this paper, the approaches to child rights research in Indian perspective is critically reconsidered thereby insisting the need for Interdisciplinary approach to Chidl rights Research in India. Firstly, this paper reviews the gaps and tools applied in Child Rights Research and secondly, it outlines the importance of interdisciplinary approach in building knowledge on child rights to the stakeholders. Highly cited articles based on child rights research in India, Case studies and Case Reports published in the newspapers are reviewed to draw the conclusions .The present study is carried out with the following objectives. • To outline the research methods and tools in child rights research in Indian perspective. • To provide suggestive approaches for child rights research in India.
Human Rights, Child Rights Research, Research Methods, Reviews, Comparative Research