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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 7 2015 | None
Understanding the Impact of Cause-Related Marketing on Consumer Purchase Intentions: The Role of Cause Significance, Proximity, and Brand Alignment
K. S. Giridharan
Pages: 396-403
This research paper delves into the increasingly popular strategy of Cause-Related Marketing (CRM) as a tool for businesses to establish themselves as socially responsible entities in the eyes of consumers. While CRM's popularity is on the rise, there remains a significant gap in scholarly understanding regarding the factors that drive the success of these socially conscious marketing campaigns and their effect on consumer buying tendencies. This study aims to fill this gap by examining how the perceived significance of causes, proximity of causes to consumers, alignment between causes and brands, and consumer engagement in CRM influence purchasing decisions. Results from this study highlight that perceived importance of causes, their closeness to consumer values, and a strong alignment between cause and brand significantly sway consumer purchase intentions. Interestingly, it was observed that the level of consumer engagement in CRM initiatives does not significantly alter purchasing decisions. Additionally, this paper discusses limitations encountered during the research and practical implications of these findings for future marketing strategies.
Cause-Related Marketing, Consumer Purchase Intentions, Brand-Cause Alignment, Social Responsibility in Marketing, Consumer Engagement in CRM.