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Volume 13 2021 | None
Dr.Sailaja Vasakarla
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Work-life balance is the term which is much talked since from a decade by the business organisations. It is all about the idea that organisations are to be managed by the human beings and they need time for both work and other aspects of life. These may the family-related aspects or aspects relating to their personal interests. Employees’ aspire for quality of work life. Organisations with best work life balance strategies are possessing high employer brand image. Prior to and during the industrial revolution both the employers and trade unions felt the need for a day break in a week. In those day’s most of the work was conducted manually by the workers and once the worker leaves the workplace they also have to leave the work at work site itself. Hence they were really able to rest and keep themselves away from work related tensions and pressures. The recent technological advancements are making the employees to strike a proper balance between the work and the life. The wide spread of information technologies, internet technologies and mobile technologies are playing vital role in the work-life balance of an employee through the options like work from home, flexi time etc., Thus technology is no doubt a boon for an employee. But these technological changes made it possible for workers to be connected with work 24/7 through the devices like smart phones, remote working technology etc thus not enabling the employee to genuinely rest. In this way the technology is also becoming bane for an employee. In this backdrop the present paper has been developed. It aims to present the significance of work-life balance. It further presents how technology is a boon in work and personal life of an employee and how the same is also a bane for the employee. Finally an attempt is made to present innovative work-life balance practices of Indian Industry.
Work-life balance, Quality of work life, Social networks, Technology, Employer Branding