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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | .
Wisdom-Based Performance for Fourth-Grade History Teachers
Israa Farhoud Taha, DR. Hana Ibrahim Muhammad
Pages: 431-442
The educational process has the primary responsibility for delivering experience, knowledge and acquiring skills, and thus we find it a set of elements that work dynamically to deliver scientific knowledge to the student, using the methods and teaching methods learned from educational technology and educational management, with the establishment of human relations, to achieve the democracy of education That is why we find that the educational process consists of a group of interconnected elements or parts that interact with each other, are organized in mutual relations, and run according to principles and rules designed to achieve intended goals and then determine them in advance, and if a defect occurs in any of these elements, it is reflected in the process The entire educational system, which is the teacher, the curriculum and the student.
performance based on wisdom