Volume 14 No 1 (2022): International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education

Online Learning of Students with Special Needs: Teachers’ Perspectives

Tengiz Verulava, Mariam Darbaidze, Mariam Baramia, Catherine-Madonna Bouadze

DOI: 10.9756/INT-JECSE/V14I1.162

Keywords: Online Teaching, Inclusive Education, Students with Special Educational Needs, Teachers' Points of View.


The COVID-19 quarantine has affected educational systems in Georgia and all over the world, forcing to transform curriculum into an online format, which is a challenge for all the educational process participants. While online learning quickly became the default solution globally because of school closures, it was not the most accessible choice for the students with special needs. The aim of the research is to study the implementation of online learning of students with special needs amid the COVID-19 pandemic and investigates the challenges experienced by teachers during this period. Within the qualitative research in-depth interviews with selected practicing teachers were conducted. The vast majority of respondents are in favor of classroom lessons, as it helps the child to develop social skills, and due to the diversity of resources - motor skills, face-to-face communication, collaborative learning, physical contacts are extremely important for pupils with special educational needs. Some students do not have access to technological equipment and the Internet and were unable to use online learning platforms. Distance learning has increased the involvement of parents in the teaching process. Students with disabilities need confidence in the accessibility of the online learning tools that are becoming increasingly prevalent in education not only because of COVID-19 but also more generally. Educational technologies will be more accessible if they consider the learning context, and are designed to provide a supportive environment.




Volume 14 No 1 (2022): International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education


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